Humans Series 3 series

Humans - Series 3 - 2018

Drama, Sci-Fi - Channel 4, 17th May 2018


The award-winning sci-fi series will return to UK screens on Thursday, May 17 at 9pm.


At the end of series two, every synth in the world was given consciousness, essentially creating a new species on Earth. The consequences of that are felt by both synths and humans in the third series, which starts a year after “the dawn of consciousness”.



Stars: Sam Palladio, Emily Berrington


Humans Series 3 | Promo Trailer | CH4


Based on the Swedish drama Real Humans created by Lars Lundstrom, Human was developed by Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley. That duos exec produces with Derek Wax and Emma Kingsman-Lloyd for Kudos in association with Wild Mercury Productions, along with and Lundstrom and Henrik Widman for Matador Films.

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